Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Update

Since the recent outbreak of Coronavirus virus we have put in place preventative measures to help ensure we continue to remain open. The safety of our customers and staff is absolutely paramount at this time.  Please note that we are open for business and remain operational. Ensuring that we adhere to government and health regulations. We will continue to process orders and deliver goods.

If you have any queries please either call your representative or phone the office on 01614426555 / email

Stay Safe, Keep Indoors and Keep Washing your Hands!

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Some ideas for home schooling. Originally designed with Hallowen in mind but they could be adapted.

Some ideas for Halloween, why not screen print them!

Halloween worksheets are an excellent tool to help you and your kids get into the spooky spirit! These Halloween worksheets for kids have been made by experts in the education field, and include both educational and purely fun exercises. There are pumpkin coloring pages, scary story starters, Halloween party invitations, bat flyers, and more. Use these Halloween worksheets to celebrate this October, and have a scary good time!

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Alcohol Hand Gel

WPS Hand Gel – Hands should be relatively clean and free from organic soiling before application. Apply to hands, rubbing it onto skin and taking particular care around nail areas and between the fingers. Allow the liquid to evaporate naturally from the skin. Do not wipe dry.

Please note that this product has not been registered under BPR.

It does however contain the recommended ratio of alcohol to water for hand sanitising as recommended by Public Health England, March 2020.

Available in 500ml (Price Shown) or 1 Litre Quantities.

Which dryer is suitable for my carousel and inks?

Which dryer is suitable for my business?

It you have an automatic carousel printing water based inks then a small dryer is obviously not suitable but which dryer is the right one. This chart will guide you.

At Wicked Printing Stuff  we manufacture our own Panther dryers and these can be standard models or very client specific. For example a dryer suitable for DTG (Direct to Garment) printing needs a much longer tunnel. Our prices are very competitive because you are buying direct, ask us for a quote and be surprised.

Choosing a dryer

You can watch our dryers being made in this fun video.

Wicked Printing Stuff, your home for screen printing equipment and supplies – FAQs


The ink seems too thick.

If your ink is too thick or you are having problems with it passing through your screen, you can thin the ink down always give the ink a good stir first as sometimes that will loosen the ink making easier to print.

However the problem with some inks is that because of the pigment content needed in them to appear opaque on a garment it NEEDS to be thick.

If you are having problems with general Plastisol ink this can be thinned down using curable reducer.

This will not affect the quality or the curability of the ink if you keep with the recommended ratio but gives it a softer hand and makes it easier to pass through a higher mesh count. If too much is mixed in, the ink will become too runny and no longer work.

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What is the difference between Yellow and White mesh?

What is the difference between Yellow and White mesh?

20140721_105635Generally speaking there is very little difference in the performance of the mesh unless you are using 90T upwards. Yellow mesh absorbs more light and stops light scattering, this helps expose those very fine lines and intricate details. We use Italian mesh yellow and white, they are great for fine halftones with high resolution and has the greatest possible exposure latitude with unsurpassed protection against light-undercutting.

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