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Since the recent outbreak of Coronavirus virus we have put in place preventative measures to help ensure we continue to remain open. The safety of our customers and staff is absolutely paramount at this time.  Please note that we are open for business and remain operational. Ensuring that we adhere to government and health regulations. We will continue to process orders and deliver goods.

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Stay Safe, Keep Indoors and Keep Washing your Hands!

Printing onto Performance Sports Wear?

Then checkout the new Union Silextreme Silicone Ink Range, which gives stunning results.

  • Ideal for Spandex / Lycra,  Cotton / Poly blends, Nylon, 100% Polyester and Sublimated Garments
  • Ideal for Performance Athletic garments, swimwear and Spandex / Lycra sports wear.
  • Gives very soft and flexible hand
  • Low curing temperature reducing risk of dye migration
  • Print is very elastic,  print always recovers to its printed position (good print memory)
  • Prints can be ironed
  • Durable

More from Riso – the Goccopro 100 Digital Screen Maker

RISO Digital Screen Makers 3

The GOCCOPRO 100 is a digital screen maker that will take single or multi-coloured artwork and digitally turn it  into a stencil ready to attach to your frame for screen printing. It’s ideal if you need rapid turn around times because you no longer need to coat, dry and expose your artwork before printing.  You will not only save time but also money as you can do without emulsions, degreasers, exposure units, drying cabinets and copious amounts of tape.

You create artwork (and separate if multi colour) as normal, send the artwork directly to the GOCCOPRO which then creates the stencil, when completed you take the stencil and attach it to the frame.  You are now ready to register the frame on the press and print.


The GOCCOPRO 100 uses a special mesh which is coated with a special heat-sensitive polymer. There are 4 different mesh counts ranging from 32T to 77T so you can use a variety of inks including solvent, Plastisol and water-based. The mesh is not re-usable and when you have finished printing you dispose of it. The GOCCOPRO 100 also uses a type of custom frame so you won’t be able to use your existing frames.

The special frames for the GOCCOPRO come in different thicknesses and sizes and which type you choose will depend on the job and volume you are printing. The maximum print size is 300mm x 800mm. Depending on which frame you choose you will be able to print batches which range from 1 to several thousand prints.

How much space do you need for Weiss screen printing carousel?

Has your business expanded and you need to automate the screen printing process?

Exactly how much space do you need?

This diagram shows the exact requirements

The Ergo-Printer 2013 model can be used as a low volume manual or high speed semi-automatic. Using two automatic heads, one operator can print 300 pieces per hour and two operators can print 500 pieces per hour. 4-colour process work can be printed at 300 pieces per hour with two operators.

via weiss screen printing carousel.

Using software in creating a T-Shirt Design

Top Tip about using software to create t shirt designs

Want to get started on your first t shirt design?

Sometimes it can be confusing to learn how to use a new piece of software to design your screen printing stencil but FREE help is at hand. If you look on Google or YouTube there are literally hundreds of videos that go through the steps bit by bit.

Here is just one example, I typed into Google “Creating a t shirt design in Adobe Illustrator” and the first result was from

Learn how to use the t-shirt template in Illustrator to design your own t-shirt. Promote your favorite school, club or sports team and stand out on campus.

via Creating a T-Shirt Design | Make it with Creative Cloud | Adobe TV.

The same is true for any piece of software, so get searching and get designing.

Wicked Printing Stuff choose Blackline Dip Tanks

The large dip tank is ideal for quickly and easily remove ink and emulsion when used in conjunction with the new one-step cleaners on the market.Blackline’s large dip tank is built of 3/8″ welded polypropylene and holds up to six standard size screens. It ships UPS and comes standard with a screen hold down and a lid to minimize solvent evaporation when the system is not in use. Custom sizes available.Measures 36″ x 10″ x 29″Screen Dip Tank Features 3/8-inch welded polypropylene construction Six standard-size-screen capacity Comes with screen hold down, support rings and lid Spigot for easy draining

via Blackline Dip Tank Large.