Exhibition of screen printed posters dated from 1975 – 1990

Exhibition of Paddington Printshop Posters

14th February @ 6:30 pm30th April @ 5:30 pm

John Phillips is an artist, photographer and printmaker. In 1974 he co-founded Paddington Printshop, a community arts resource creating posters with and for the extraordinary community that lived locally.

Paddington Printshop became a model for community based printshops across the UK and John became a leading figure in the Community Arts Movement, and a pioneer of socially engaged art practice in the UK.

Exhibition of screen printed posters dated from 1975 – 1990

Wednesday 14th February 2018 – end of April

Starting screen printing – get a kit

ADVANCED 2 COLOUR UPGRADEABLE KITThe Advanced 2 Colour Upgradeable Kit includes an upgradeable version of our standard table top press. This means you can add more arms to the carousel when you are ready.  You can start with the upgradeable 2 colour kit and add more arms when required to make it up to a 6 colour carousel. This is ideal for printers getting started who have a limited budget but aim to produce more complex designs at a later date. This kits comes with either our WPS Water Based or Plastisol Inks, you can also upgrade to our WPS Superflex Water Based  printing inks (includes additive to aid curing), please select the correct ink attribute when placing your order.

Carousel WPS 2 Colour Upgradeable TableTop
Platen Adult
Flash Dryer 1 x WPS Unit
Exposure Unit 1 x WPS Unit
Foam Base 1 Small / 1 Large
Screens 4 x 20″x24″ 32T / 43T”
Coating Trough 1 x 15″
Squeegee Wood 2 x 15″ Square
Mixing Sticks 20
Hi Tak 2
Brown Tape 2
Transparency Film 20 x A4
Plastisol or Waterbased 6 x 1ltre
Emulsion 2 x 1Litre
Stencil Strip 1 x 1Litre
Screen Degreaser 1 x 1Litre
Screen Filler 1 x 500ml
Screen Wash (Plastisol) 2 x 1Litre
Cleaning Brush 1

It is not just t-shirts – industrial applications of screen printing

Screen printing has industrial and manufacturing uses too.  Printed circuits are just one application.

PCB007 Basic Principles of Polymer Thick Film Flexible Circuits

Traditional screen printing methods are typically limited to the production of relatively course features e.g., 250 µm. However, very fine-featured screen printed circuit technology has been reported down to ranges closer to 125 µm. For the foreseeable future, screen printing will remain an important technology for the manufacture of PTF circuits, both rigid and flexible.

via PCB007 Basic Principles of Polymer Thick Film Flexible Circuits.

Union Ink

Do you want a trial a variety of colours for that special design but don’t want to buy large quantities?

Have you thought about one of our selection packs?

For examples the WPS Union Ink Plastisol Selection Pack which includes :-

1 x 250ml Union Ink Maxopake White

1 x 250ml Union Ink Mixopake Black

1 x 250ml Union Ink Maxopake Lemon Yellow

1 x 250ml Union Ink Maxopake Brite Red

1 x 250ml Union Ink Maxopake Flag Red

1 x 250ml Union Ink Mixopake Brite Green

1 x 250ml Union Ink Maxopake Orange

The most popular inks at a fantastic price. Ideal pack for those who want to try out different colours with their designs before buying bigger quanitites.

via Union Ink – Plastisol Inks Selection Pack.