What is the difference between Serigraphy and Screen Printing?

What is the difference between Serigraphy and Screen Printing?

Actually there isn’t any really, the process is identical, you might almost call it a snob term. Exactly like printing on t-shirts it involves screens and inks however it is often used to refer to fine art rather than garments. Sometimes the results can be limited edition runs, hand printed by the artists and then the design is destroyed. This is one I found on the internet searching on serigraph limited editions.


Puff Effect Screen Printing Inks

Wicked Printing Stuff don’t just do a enormous range of different colours … they also supply speciality inks.  Discharge inks, glitter effect  and glow in the dark are all part of our range.

Do you want to get an embroidery effect?

Looking for suede look?

Puff inks contain an additive that causes the ink to swell as it cures for a high-density effect. Often used for an embroidery effect.


Suede inks swell to a smaller height and create an effective imitation of leather suede.


These are best used in small parts of the design so they are stand out more and the additive can be used on any colour in the range. Have a browse on Pin Interest to get some ideas, I got these images there.


Stencil Strip

Finished with your design and want to reuse the screen?

‘Reclaiming’ is the act of striping the stencil from your screen in order to create a new strencil and start the printing process over again. WPS sells a variety of equipment and products for this process including dip tanks. Stubborn stains can be removed with Haze Paste.

Haze Paste remover is a great solution if you have any ghosting left on your screen which is common when using waterbased inks as they dye the mesh.

Our range includes :-

The premium MacDermid Autohaze, which is a high strength paste which deals with the most stubborn stains.
KC Haze Easiclean Remover, low strength remover ideal for removing light to moderate ghosting
WM Haze Easiclean Remover, moderate strength remover ideal for removing moderate to heavy ghosting
ES Haze Easiclean Remover, high strength remover ideal for removing heaving ghosting

If you are not sure which product is best for you please contact us and we can advise you accordingly

Cleaning Screens

Proper cleaning is an essential part of the screen printing process and we sell a wide range of screen printing cleaning equipment and products including :-

Wash Out Booths - for screen cleaning and preparation 
Screen Degreaser - for prepping your mesh
Screenwash - removes ink from the screen
Screen Reactivator Spray - great when solvent inks dry in the screen
Spot Cleaning fluid - removes ink smudges
Stencil Processing Units - develops stencils with warm water
Accessories - including brushes

You can also buy the WPS Screen Printing Cleaning Kit which includes the key products you will need.

Washout Booths

WPS offers a range of Washout Booths to suit your needs. A high quality well designed booth is key in the proper cleaning and preparation of screens. Inks and emulsion can be power washed off the screen and into the sink to help other areas of your shop remain clean.

We sell:

WPS Stainless Steel Premium Washout Booths in a range of sizes, ideal for medium to large printersWPS Standard Galvanized Steel range ideal for small, medium, large businessesand educational customers
Filtration Units

WPS Essential Washout Booth 1M.

Made using galvanised sheet, riveted and sealed with a centre drain in the bottom which can be connected to a standard sink trap.

Inside Measurements 1m x 1m – (39″ x 39″) overall height 1.5m

Optional tap, rack and hose holder

A 25mm x 25mm mesh is placed in the bottom of the tank which can be removed for cleaning.