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If you want tips on successful screen printing do checkout our You Tube channel 

This channel is brought to you by Wicked Printing Stuff – part of Screen Ink and Solvents Ltd the largest independent distributor to the UK Screen Printing Industry. Wicked Printing Stuff offers screen printing advice, guidance, services and much more. We believe that anybody can screen print, its all about the practice and a little helping hand along the way. Our aim is to make videos and write guides that help to take the complexity out of screen printing. For some of our How To Screen Print Guides and more detail about our services go to for more, check out our blog for hints and tips

Baby safe screen printing inks

We are an official distributor of Magna Colours, Nazdar, Sericol (Soil Association approved ink)  and our own brand. We also offer a range of solvent free airdry waterbased inks, widely used in schools and colleges and is perfect for printing onto fabric as well as paper and card.

  • An ultra safe product suitable for use on children’s clothing including babies
  • Suitable for use in school and colleges
  • For paper screen printing

Advanced 2 Colour Upgradeable

The Advanced 2 Colour Upgradeable Kit includes an upgradeable version of our standard table top press. This means you can add more arms to the carousel when you are ready.  You can start with the upgradeable 2 colour kit and add more arms when required to make it up to a 6 colour carousel. This is ideal for printers getting started who have a limted budget but aim to produce more complex designs at a later date. This kits comes with either our WPS Water Based or Plastisol Inks, you can also upgrade to our WPS Superflex Water Based  printing inks (includes additive to aid curing), please select the correct ink attribute when placing your order.

Exposure Units

We sell a range of  traditional ‘all in one’  self contained Exposure Units suitable for mid to large sized screen printing shops.  The Actinic, WPS Mini Exposure units and the fantastic WPS LED Mini Exposure Units are ideal for educational and medium sized screen printing businesses. The WPS Compact Pro and heavy duty units ideal for busy print studios and larger screen printing businesses – check out our buyers guide for more info.

 Digital Screen Makers, allowing you to transfer the artwork directly to the screen without the need for emulsion, exposure units, washout equipment and film positives. 

  • Goccopro 100 – Ideal for small printers requiring quick production of screens
  • QS200 – Ideal for professional screen printers with both manual and automatic presses – creates screens up to A2 in size. Click here to see our QS200 promotional video.

Direct to Screen Systems, allowing you to print the artwork directly to an emulsioned screen without the need for a printed film positive.  Take a look at our Blog article to understand the differences between Digital Screen Makers and Direct to Screen.

  • FreeStyler DTS – Ideal for mid market printers who might have an automatic carousel or several manuals
  • Spyder II – Ideal for the large commercial textiles who might have a number of automatic carousels.

For beginners, smaller businesses and home printers we manufacture the Wicked Exposure Unit , very cost effective.

Additional foam base sizes can be purchased as extras for other sized screens if you require.  Check out our screen printing tutorial (Step 4 –  7mins 10 seconds if you want to skip to the relevant section)  which shows how you use the Wicked Exposure Unit to transfer your artwork to the screen. 

Please contact us if you need any advice on which option is right for you.