Pantone Guide

We sell the PANTONE GP1601 Plus Series Formula Guide Coated and Uncoated a must for any Studio or Designer looking to match colours.

How do I match paint to PANTONE Colors?

A local paint supplier or online paint vendor can help you to obtain paint colors that match either the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors colors or Pantone Matching System colors.

Pantone Matching System colors, which are produced with printing ink on paper, can be challenging to match in paints. If you bring a sample of a Pantone Matching System color, i.e., PANTONE 185 C for example, to a paint vendor and they try to measure the color, the light source used will penetrate the ink film and reflect from the substrate, which leads to inaccurate color matching. It is probably easiest to visually compare the sample to a paint chart under controlled lighting and choose the closest applicable color.

The Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors paper-based products are produced with nitrocellulose coating on paper, which is the same process used to develop paint charts. If you have the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors Color Guide, or a sample chip from the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors Color Specifier, your paint vendor should be able to successfully computer-match the color with a high degree of accuracy.

Ulano Capillary Film


Looking for an alternative to direct emulsion?

Textile Capillary Film is a viable alternative to direct emulsion. It is intended for standard textiles, using conventional non-aqueous Plastisol inks. Ulano film produces superb stencils quickly, consistently and with no mess or waste, giving a controlled coating thickness. With the added advantage minimal training is required. It dries quickly giving you a fast stencil turnaround thus speeding production

Prepackaged film sheets

The film is available in 2 different sizes and is sold in packs of 5 sheets.

Simple step by step instructions can be found at

There is also an online tutorial on youtube which can be found at :-

Before using the products listed in this category please make sure you are familiar with the relevant product safety data sheets in the following link.

buy it here Ulano Capillary Film.

Union Ink – Plastisol Inks Selection Pack

Inks &aditives

Do you want a trial a variety of colours for that special design but don’t want to buy large quantities?

Have you thought about one of our selection packs?

For examples the WPS Union Ink Plastisol Selection Pack which includes :-

1 x 250ml Union Ink Maxopake White

1 x 250ml Union Ink Mixopake Black

1 x 250ml Union Ink Maxopake Lemon Yellow

1 x 250ml Union Ink Maxopake Brite Red

1 x 250ml Union Ink Maxopake Flag Red

1 x 250ml Union Ink Mixopake Brite Green

1 x 250ml Union Ink Maxopake Orange

The most popular inks at a fantastic price. Ideal pack for those who want to try out different colours with their designs before buying bigger quanitites.

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WPS Premium Plastisol Ink Range

Have you checked our huge range of inksINKS_BOX

  • High Opacity inks Super Silvers in Shimmer and Mirror, Gorgeous Golds in Shimmer, huge range of Plastisol inks in great colours.
  • Five different fluorescent colours Green, Magenta, Orange, Red and Yellow
  • Premium Mixing Plastisol Ink Range suitable for matching Pantone range
  • 4 colour process inks for CMYK printing

WPS Premium Plastisol Ink Range: The WPS Premium Plastisol Ink Range includes :- High Opacity Ready to Use inks including Silver and Gold Metallics, Range of Fluorescent colours, 4 Process Colours, Mixing Colour range for Pantone matching

Screen Emulsions Explained

Choosing a Screen Printing Emulsion

Choosing the right screen printing emulsion (also known as photosensitive emulsion) is a little like buying a car, they all effectively do the same thing but have different features, methods of use and performance factors which differentiates them.

All of the emulsions react to UV light causing the emulsion to cure and harden. If you are new to screen printing check out our tutorial on youtube which covers the basics and shows you how to create a stencil using photosensitive emulsion.

There are three main groups of emulsions on the market:-

  • Diazo – been in use for many years, the emulsion needs to be sensitised before use. They come with the sensitiser is a separate pot or sachet.
  • Photopolymer, sometimes referred to as SBQ Photopolymer (Styryl Basolium Quaternary). The manufacturers mix in the sensitiser with a polyvinyl base meaning that the emulsion is ready to use and you don’t have to mix in a sensitiser. Commonly known as ‘One Pot’ emulsions.
  • Dual Cure – a combination of both types of emulsion but mostly (there are some exceptions) need to be sensitised before use. Dual Cure emulsions are the most popular as they incorporate the strengths and weaknesses of Diazo and Photopolymer emulsions.

Ulano  925Ulano 925WR classic premium Diazo Emulsion (Authors favourite when using waterbased inks)


Diazo Emulsion – Pro Con
They have a wide exposure latitude (so very forgiving if you have not got your exposure timings spot on)


Cost effective and reliable


Can be formulated to be water resistant or solvent resistant e.g. if you use waterbased inks you need a water resistant emulsion and if you use plastisol and solvent inks you need a solvent resistant emulsion


We sell Ulano 925WR (DP9250) and Sericol Dirasol 25

Less light sensitive than the other emulsions so if you light source (exposure unit / lamp etc) is not stronger you could be exposing for a while!


Not so good for fine detail and halftones (often subject to much debate) , Diazo emulsions are normally quite thick but this is not always the case with all of the Diazo emulsions on the market.


More difficult to reclaim than the other emulsions especially the water resistant variants.

Chromaline CTR Photopolymer Direct Emulsion

Chromoline CTC


Photopolymer Emulsions – Pro Con
One Pot – you don’t have to mix in with Sensitiser powder which is unpleasant stuff and is fraught with health and safety issues.


Good for high production print shops


Easy for reclaiming the screen


Can be formulated to be water resistant or solvent resistant e.g. if you use waterbased inks you need a water resistant emulsion and if you use plastisol and solvent inks you need a solvent resistant emulsion


We sell Chromaline, Ulano, Sericol and Macdermid ranges of Photopolymer emulsons

Very light sensitive – you also need a strong reliable light source e.g. Metal Halide / LED and in some circumstances Actinic / Tube units.


Your exposure timings have to be spot on.


Typically the most expensive emulsion



Autosol 5000Autosol 5000 – A very popular Dual Cure Emulsion

Diazo Emulsion – Dual Cure Con

They are relatively quick to expose and work with most light sources


They have a wide exposure latitude (so very forgiving if you have not got your exposure timings spot on)


Cost effective and reliable


Good for fine detail and half tones


Easier to reclaim the screen compared to Diazo emulsions


Can be formulated to be water resistant or solvent resistant e.g. if you use waterbased inks you need a water resistant emulsion and if you use plastisol and solvent inks you need a solvent resistant emulsion


We sell Ulano Proclaim, Macdermid Autosol and a wide range of Sericol and Chromaline emulsions


Shelf life is not so good as Photopolymers



Most Dual Cure emulsion need to be sensitised, but one pot solutions are now on the market such as Ulano EC


Ulano ECUlano EC one of the first ‘one pot’ Dual Cure emulsions on the market, also has 18 months shelf life. No need to add sensitiser – ready to use straight from the pot.




  • Choose the emulsion which gives the right stencil resistance e.g. if you are using Plastisol then choose an emulsions which gives a solvent resistant stencil and water resistant if using waterbased inks. Otherwise you will find your stencil starting to break down.
  • Some dual cure emulsions can be used with both waterbased and Plastisol inks, however if you are using the same emulsion we recommend that you ‘double bake’ – expose the screen again after it has initially dried to strengthen the stencil.
  • If you are using waterbased discharge inks for large scale production then go for an emulsion which is explicitly designed for discharge inks.
  • Keep the emulsions in the fridge (but don’t freeze) it will extend the usable life
  • If you use sensitiser powder emulsions always follow the instructions and mix the powder in well and leave for a couple of hours to let the air out the emulsion before use
  • If you don’t have a strong light source, don’t want the hassle of sensitiser powder or don’t expose many screens then try out a one pot dual cure such as Ulano EC it is rather good

Wicked Printing Stuff PVC Free Flex

Vinyl cutting mediaV1

Do you need a PVC free screen printing ink?

EKO Oil Base Acrylic.  PVC Free Ink Mixing System

EKO mixing inks are plastisol-like PVC-free ink matching system belonging to the EKO series from Rutland. It is a combination of 14 RFU mixing primaries plus and extender base that when mixed together simulates PANTONE® colours quickly and accurately.


  • Excellent adhesion
  • Intense colours.
  • Low crocking colours
  • Will not dry in screens.
  • Very good supple print with ability to stretch and regain its original shape.
  • Passes major brand durability testing including 5 x 60 wash test.
  • Passes all requirements for major brand RSL and US government regulations.
  • No PVC, no lead, no phthalates, no formaldehyde, no APEO’s
  • Easy to mix and print.

Please see our promo video showing us printing a two colour print using the EKO inks.

To maintain the EKO inks credentials do not mix with inks from other ranges and only use EKO additives and modifiers.  Use Biodegradable screenwash with this range.

Unique Xmas Wrapping Paper and Cards

Create unique Xmas paper products

Create your own unique Xmas cards and paper with our Foundation Paper Club Kit. It is perfect for students and hobbyists. Designed to provide you with the basic screen printing products and consumables for paper printing at a fantastic price. The ink provided in the kit is a PermaPrint waterbased ink, a premium ink ideal for printing onto paper.


How much space do you need for Weiss screen printing carousel?

Has your business expanded and you need to automate the screen printing process?

Exactly how much space do you need?

This diagram shows the exact requirements

The Ergo-Printer 2013 model can be used as a low volume manual or high speed semi-automatic. Using two automatic heads, one operator can print 300 pieces per hour and two operators can print 500 pieces per hour. 4-colour process work can be printed at 300 pieces per hour with two operators.

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