Alcohol Hand Gel

WPS Hand Gel – Hands should be relatively clean and free from organic soiling before application. Apply to hands, rubbing it onto skin and taking particular care around nail areas and between the fingers. Allow the liquid to evaporate naturally from the skin. Do not wipe dry.

Please note that this product has not been registered under BPR.

It does however contain the recommended ratio of alcohol to water for hand sanitising as recommended by Public Health England, March 2020.

Available in 500ml (Price Shown) or 1 Litre Quantities.

Glow in the Dark – Screen Printing Inks

One of the more unusual screen printing inks – Glow in the Dark.

How would you use a Glow in the Dark screen printing ink?

Glow In The Dark - GreenThe WPS glow in the dark ink range is effective in complete darkness, when it will radiate a bright colour. This ink is fantastic for giving your prints that something special.

Glow in the dark green ink is a high quality ink that radiates a bright lite-green colour in darkness.

For best results this ink needs to be printed over a white coloured base. Heavier ink deposits will result in increased brightness and a longer “after-life.”

Best printed through a 32T or lower mesh count.

In daylight or artificial light conditions, this ink will have a pale off-white hue. The ‘glow’ is not noticeable under natural light, but the glow particles in the ink charge up in daylight or under fluorescent lighting to produce a strong glow in the dark.

via Glow in the Dark Screen Printing Inks.

When should I use Yellow Screen Printing Mesh?

When should I use a yellow screen printing mesh?


When you are doing fine detail is the short answer. Generally speaking there is very little difference in the performance of the mesh unless you are using 90T upwards. Yellow mesh absorbs more light and stops light scattering, this helps expose those very fine lines and intricate details. We use Italian mesh yellow and white, they are great for fine halftones with high resolution and has the greatest possible exposure latitude with unsurpassed protection against light-undercutting.

 Mesh Yellow.

Getting the right mesh count is like getting the right squeegee and the right ink for the job in hand. These are ALL really important and make the difference to your finished product. Remember what you are trying to do is push the ink through the mesh on to the substrate. So the wrong mesh will result in too much or too little ink getting through. Not good. A very detailed design on a coarse mesh won’t work either.

 Check out our range of screens and mesh.

Heat Transfer Solutions

Heat transfer solutions

WPS 4000 Heat Transfer Press Product Ref: QR1283

What heat press should I buy?

A common question but the answer is rarely straight forward as there are many factors to consider.

What is a heat press.

A heat press is a machine engineered to imprint a design or graphic on a substrate, such as a t-shirt, with the application of heat and pressure for a preset period of time.

Where does it fit in the process.

1, Choose an image to put on a product like a t-shirt
2. Print onto heat transfer paper
3. Lay the image on your t shirt
4. Use a heat press to transfer the image on the t shirt.

Which heat press should you buy

What are you going to use it for?  Garments (T Shirts, Hoodies, Caps), promotional items (mouse maps, phone cases etc) , DTG preparation and curing, sublimation, Vinyl, Plastisol transfers etc   Heat Presses are involved in all of these process however there are a few areas to consider before parting with your money

So here are some of our views …
Accurate Heat – to get the best results a heat press needs to maintain accurate and consistent heat across the platen. Too little heat may not activate the adhesives to fully fix the graphic to the garment, too much heat can affect the graphic quality, reducing opacity or not giving an even cure.

Digital control – needed to ensure you have accurate temperature you don’t want fluctuating temperatures, you need accurate timings and therefore consistent results. Many digital controllers come with timers and safety features such as auto shutdown and alarms.

Even pressure – uneven pressure will lead to poor adhesion and inconsistent curing of ink therefore always choose a press which you can adjust and set for different thickness of substrates.   Some presses have pressure gauges which are ideal for ensuring consistent results.

Size of the Heat Press – there are many sizes to choose from and a key question to ask when buying a press is ‘What is the largest size of garment / substrate will I be using?’ It normally makes good sense to buy a press that can accommodate future needs.  It’s also easier to align garments on a larger press. Some presses come with interchangeable platens which gives you much more flexibility.

WPS 4500 Sport Heat Transfer Press Product Ref: QR1279

Clam or swing away?

  • A clam has a smaller footprint, when using a swing away you need to give space for the swing which on the bigger units can be quite significant
  • A clam is typically less expensive than a swing away and less moving parts
  • It is easier to see what is going on with a clam, if a garment has gone out of alignment you can do something about it
  • Clam presses are typically more portable
  • Swing aways different from a clam with the heating element lifting up parallel and swings completely out of the way.
  • It is often stated that with a clam press to increase the chances of burned knuckles with the clam however with a swing away it is just as easy to get the fingers in the way. Quality clam presses open wide enough to reduce the chance of accidents.
  • Swing aways are often more popular with DTG printers but you can also use a Clam
  • Swings aways typically can be set to give more pressure than a clam, we have found that some transfer papers don’t work well on clams
  • You can debate this but it really does come back to personal preference and budget.  The simple answer is choose the press that suits your needs.

Budget – always choose a press with a lifetime heater warranty, with CE certification (real Certification (beware some of the cheap China imports are not made with high quality components and may not be actually certified compared to European / US presses). It’s better to buy the right equipment first time out rather than the cheapest – quality equipment is designed to last years with warranty backup if there is a problem. You will often find broken low quality heat presses lurking in the back of many print shops.  If your business is reliant on the equipment then consider the impact of the heat press breaking.

If you have questions at all please contact us to discuss your requirements

Magna Colours MagnaPrint Discharge ULF Range

We are so excited to launch this new ink for 2016. The only WATER BASED discharge ink with all these features.

  • Soil Association approved.
  • Doesn’t even need to be washed before use
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Ready for use, just activate the ink before use
  • Made in the UK
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • ECO friendly
  • Oeko tex class 1 and 2 approved.

Pretty amazing for a discharge ink! And look at the colour range, 13 different colours including super white. You can see why we are delighted to bring this ink to our customers

Magna Colours MagnaPrint Discharge ULF Range: NEW Range for 2016 – The patented MagnaPrint® Discharge ULF Ultra range of inks which are Formaldehyde Free and Soil Association Approved. The range is ready for use (RFU) and includes a high opacity white and a range of bright vibrant colours. The ink needs to be activated with 6% discharge powder prior to use, only activate what you need as the ink then has a shelf life of 4-5 hours.

Unique Xmas Wrapping Paper and Cards

Create unique Xmas paper products

Create your own unique Xmas cards and paper with our Foundation Paper Club Kit. It is perfect for students and hobbyists. Designed to provide you with the basic screen printing products and consumables for paper printing at a fantastic price. The ink provided in the kit is a PermaPrint waterbased ink, a premium ink ideal for printing onto paper.


Puff Effect Screen Printing Inks

Wicked Printing Stuff don’t just do a enormous range of different colours … they also supply speciality inks.  Discharge inks, glitter effect  and glow in the dark are all part of our range.

Do you want to get an embroidery effect?

Looking for suede look?

Puff inks contain an additive that causes the ink to swell as it cures for a high-density effect. Often used for an embroidery effect.

Suede inks swell to a smaller height and create an effective imitation of leather suede.

These are best used in small parts of the design so they are stand out more and the additive can be used on any colour in the range. Have a browse on Pin Interest to get some ideas, I got these images there.


Keep Still! – Screen Printing Platens & Hold Downs

Platens&hold downs

Platens & Hold Downs.

Sometimes it is the simplest things that mess up your screen printing! We sell a variety of printing platens, brackets and hold downs suitable to keep all substrates(what you are printing on) still from textiles to paper.

Our MDF platens are great value and easy to clean with a strong melamine white surface. Our platen sizes range from children to adult mega and we also sell a sleeve platen and vacuum board.

We also sell two types of platen attachment brackets which are sold separately. The 50mm is for use with our wicked presses and carousels and the 75mm is for use with larger printing arms on floor standing Hopkins carousels.

Aluminium Platens
Our aluminium platens which are ideal for floor standing carousels are very hard wearing and long lasting and can help you to avoids warping caused by flash drying.

Hold Downs
We sell a range of Weiss hold downs for printing onto caps, jackets and umbrellas.  These hold downs can fit other carousels but we need to know the arm sizes.

Vacuum Board
Our vacuum boards are ideal for printing posters, banners and stickers and their warp resistant frame makes for for longer durability. This board is a must with our 2, 4 and 6 colour printing presses for single and multi coloured prints. We also sell the Weiss Vacuum platen and motor which can be used with other brands of carousel.

Baby safe screen printing inks

We are an official distributor of Magna Colours, Nazdar, Sericol (Soil Association approved ink)  and our own brand. We also offer a range of solvent free airdry waterbased inks, widely used in schools and colleges and is perfect for printing onto fabric as well as paper and card.

  • An ultra safe product suitable for use on children’s clothing including babies
  • Suitable for use in school and colleges
  • For paper screen printing