Pantone Guide

We sell the PANTONE GP1601 Plus Series Formula Guide Coated and Uncoated a must for any Studio or Designer looking to match colours.

How do I match paint to PANTONE Colors?

A local paint supplier or online paint vendor can help you to obtain paint colors that match either the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors colors or Pantone Matching System colors.

Pantone Matching System colors, which are produced with printing ink on paper, can be challenging to match in paints. If you bring a sample of a Pantone Matching System color, i.e., PANTONE 185 C for example, to a paint vendor and they try to measure the color, the light source used will penetrate the ink film and reflect from the substrate, which leads to inaccurate color matching. It is probably easiest to visually compare the sample to a paint chart under controlled lighting and choose the closest applicable color.

The Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors paper-based products are produced with nitrocellulose coating on paper, which is the same process used to develop paint charts. If you have the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors Color Guide, or a sample chip from the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors Color Specifier, your paint vendor should be able to successfully computer-match the color with a high degree of accuracy.

Ulano Capillary Film


Looking for an alternative to direct emulsion?

Textile Capillary Film is a viable alternative to direct emulsion. It is intended for standard textiles, using conventional non-aqueous Plastisol inks. Ulano film produces superb stencils quickly, consistently and with no mess or waste, giving a controlled coating thickness. With the added advantage minimal training is required. It dries quickly giving you a fast stencil turnaround thus speeding production

Prepackaged film sheets

The film is available in 2 different sizes and is sold in packs of 5 sheets.

Simple step by step instructions can be found at

There is also an online tutorial on youtube which can be found at :-

Before using the products listed in this category please make sure you are familiar with the relevant product safety data sheets in the following link.

buy it here Ulano Capillary Film.

Aluminium Screens


There are two basic screens, they can both be used as silk screens with any mesh, the difference is the frame, one is wooden the other is made out of aluminium. Aluminium are more durable, If you are doing a lot of printing then you want a screen that will not warp, cheap screen lead to poor quality printing. I suggest buying aluminium screens as they last longer. Wooden screens tend to warp due to wear and tear + reclaiming. Aluminium screens are a bit more expensive though.

Wicked Printing Stuff sell many products to clean and extend the life of your screens, including a restretching service.




Organic Products and the Soil Association

Thinking Organic ..

Over the last 20 years or so we have heard much about Organic farming, when going to the supermarket we are now presented with many organic options for fruit & vegetables, dairy, meat and other products.

Our industry too has been starting to change with ink products, chemicals and textiles which are Organic. Organic textiles are based on materials grown on organic farms, and manufactured without harmful chemicals. This is better for local wildlife, animals and people. Clients are increasingly demanding quality products that meet these standards.

You may have noticed certifications such as Soil Association Certification and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) symbols appearing on certain ink products and chemicals. The symbols mean that products have been through a stringent certification process to ensure that the products are made using Organic methods and techniques.

Soil Association

Who are the Soil Association?

The Association was founded in 1946 by a group of farmers, scientists and nutritionists with the overall objective of campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use. The Association is a UK charity it is not a government body but has gained a worldwide reputation for driving and campaigning for Organic standards. The Soil Association played a leading role in the development of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and since 2006 have been certifying businesses to the GOTS standard.   (source – Soil Association website)

Why choose products which are Soil Association approved?

So you are confident that the inks / chemicals have been manufactured and processed to a strict criteria. Organic products are not just more socially responsible, generally better for all us but provide unique commercial opportunities.

Can I put the Soil Association Organic logo on my products if I have used Soil Association approved inks?

T Shirts bought from a garment distributor and printed with Soil Association approved ink does not make the T Shirt approved. To gain and competitive edge and appeal to this growing client market you need to become certified in order to use the symbols. The certification covers not just the inks and chemicals used, but also the environmental management the way waste water is treated as well as other factors. Both the Soil Association and the GOTS symbols are registered trademarks which can only be used by certified companies with approved products.


The purpose of this article is to give a simple summary it’s a big area and we will be writing more articles on the topic, for more information we highly recommend that you check out the Soil Association website and consider the certification process for your products or business.

We sell a number of products which are certified from manufacturers such as FujiFilm Sericol and Magna Colours.

Sericol Texiscreen Aqua AJ Waterbased Screen Printing Inks

Sericol TexCharge TC Discharge Waterbased Inks

Magna Colours MagnaPrint Discharge ULF Inks

Permaset Permatone Inks are certified by the Soil Association – The Supercover range is NOT certified.

New Year New Hobby

Why not try screen printing and create your own unique presents and stationary!

We have kits that are easy to use, even for kids. They contain everything you need.

Paper screen printing for personal stationary

The Foundation Paper Club Kit is perfect for students and hobbyists. Designed to provide you with the basic screen printing products and consumables for paper printing at a fantastic price. The ink provided in the kit is a PermaPrint waterbased ink, a premium ink ideal for printing onto paper.

Fabric screen printing for unique and personal gifts

The Foundation Fabric Club Kit is perfect for students and hobbyists. Designed to provide you with the basic screen printing products and consumables at a fantastic price. The ink provided in the kit is a Permaset waterbased ink, a premium ink ideal for printing onto fabric.

Wicked Printing Stuff PVC Free Flex

Vinyl cutting mediaV1

Do you need a PVC free screen printing ink?

EKO Oil Base Acrylic.  PVC Free Ink Mixing System

EKO mixing inks are plastisol-like PVC-free ink matching system belonging to the EKO series from Rutland. It is a combination of 14 RFU mixing primaries plus and extender base that when mixed together simulates PANTONE® colours quickly and accurately.


  • Excellent adhesion
  • Intense colours.
  • Low crocking colours
  • Will not dry in screens.
  • Very good supple print with ability to stretch and regain its original shape.
  • Passes major brand durability testing including 5 x 60 wash test.
  • Passes all requirements for major brand RSL and US government regulations.
  • No PVC, no lead, no phthalates, no formaldehyde, no APEO’s
  • Easy to mix and print.

Please see our promo video showing us printing a two colour print using the EKO inks.

To maintain the EKO inks credentials do not mix with inks from other ranges and only use EKO additives and modifiers.  Use Biodegradable screenwash with this range.

Baby safe screen printing inks

We are an official distributor of Magna Colours, Nazdar, Sericol (Soil Association approved ink)  and our own brand. We also offer a range of solvent free airdry waterbased inks, widely used in schools and colleges and is perfect for printing onto fabric as well as paper and card.

  • An ultra safe product suitable for use on children’s clothing including babies
  • Suitable for use in school and colleges
  • For paper screen printing

Exposure Units

We sell a range of  traditional ‘all in one’  self contained Exposure Units suitable for mid to large sized screen printing shops.  The Actinic, WPS Mini Exposure units and the fantastic WPS LED Mini Exposure Units are ideal for educational and medium sized screen printing businesses. The WPS Compact Pro and heavy duty units ideal for busy print studios and larger screen printing businesses – check out our buyers guide for more info.

 Digital Screen Makers, allowing you to transfer the artwork directly to the screen without the need for emulsion, exposure units, washout equipment and film positives. 

  • Goccopro 100 – Ideal for small printers requiring quick production of screens
  • QS200 – Ideal for professional screen printers with both manual and automatic presses – creates screens up to A2 in size. Click here to see our QS200 promotional video.

Direct to Screen Systems, allowing you to print the artwork directly to an emulsioned screen without the need for a printed film positive.  Take a look at our Blog article to understand the differences between Digital Screen Makers and Direct to Screen.

  • FreeStyler DTS – Ideal for mid market printers who might have an automatic carousel or several manuals
  • Spyder II – Ideal for the large commercial textiles who might have a number of automatic carousels.

For beginners, smaller businesses and home printers we manufacture the Wicked Exposure Unit , very cost effective.

Additional foam base sizes can be purchased as extras for other sized screens if you require.  Check out our screen printing tutorial (Step 4 –  7mins 10 seconds if you want to skip to the relevant section)  which shows how you use the Wicked Exposure Unit to transfer your artwork to the screen. 

Please contact us if you need any advice on which option is right for you.

Thinking about DTG but don’t want to spend a fortune.

Thinking about DTG but don’t want to spend a fortune.  Take a look at the

the remarkable and award winning Ricoh Ri100 DTG Printer.  

You can print images directly onto clothing fabrics (T Shirts / Hoodies / Tote Bags and many more) using state-of-the-art DTG technology. You can print a one-of-a-kind T-shirt or a personalized bag for a customer to take home then and there.

Even a beginner can create beautifully printed products both safely and easily. It has never been easier to widen your business scope than with this one machine.  It only takes 5 steps to create a high quality printed garment. 

For  £2999 ex VAT the Ricoh Ri100 comes with all you need to get going including the nifty curing unit.  Check out the video on YouTube.

If you need more information or interested please contact us.

Proper cleaning preserves your screens Part 4

Want to extend the life of your screen?

Aluminium Frames only.

Frames will be roughened and tensioned on our professional stretching jigs and restretched with mesh count of your choice.  We use SAATI mesh and the aluminium frames are fabricated in the UK.

You will need to send the frames to our workshop for us to restretch them – the address is Screen Ink & Solvent Supplies Ltd, Unit 3, Rugby Park, Battersea Road, Heaton Mersey, Stockport, Cheshire SK4 3EB please can you either put a copy of the order in the box or provide name / address / contact details and requirements.   If you do not use a courier service, we can instruct our courier to collect them from you at a fee – please call us for more information 01614426555..

Please allow 7-10 working days once we have received the screens for this service.

** Please ensure that when you send the screens back that they are clean and ink free. If we need to clean the frames we will have to charge a cleaning fee of £10.00 ex VAT **

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: Prices start at £8.00 per screen for the following listed standard sizes.  We can restretch up to a maximum of 80″ x 56″ outside measurement frame.  If you require a specific sized frame to be restretched that is not listed here, please select the nearest size to your frame below (give or take 1″ in width or height).  If your frame does not fall within 1″ of any of the sizes listed, alternatively please select the next size up price listed here.  i.e if you frame is a 17″ x 21″, please select 16″ x 20″ price.  If your frame is a 22″ x 26″ , please select 31″ x 23″.