How to screen print using a vacuum board – YouTube

A brief video clip showing a demo of the Wicked Printing Stuff Vacuum Board. Ideal if you want to screen print on paper card or other substrates where platen adhesive or Hi tak is not suitable. You need a conventional vacuum cleaner connected to the board – the more powerful the better to get the best results. The Wicked Printing Stuff vacuum board is designed for our presses but you can use it on other carousels with the right bracket.

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Screen Printing Supplies from Wicked Printing Stuff – YouTube

A quick promotional video covering the products and services at Wicked Printing Stuff, we also sell Heat Presses and manufacture the fantastic range of Panther Tunnel Dryers suitable for manual, automatic screen printers and for curing Digital waterbased inks.

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Wicked Printing Stuff on YouTube

Check out Wicked Printing Stuff YouTube channel for helpful screen print videos wickedscreenprinter – YouTube

Screen printing tutorial by the guys at Wicked Printing Stuff. A step by step guide showing you how to print a T Shirt with a logo. Everything you need to know about fabric print using your screen printing machine or t shirt printing machine using screen printing supplies like plastisol ink from Wicked Printing Stuff

BBC – Learning Zone Class Clips – Screen printing – Design and Technology Video

For students of design and technology.

A demonstration of the process of screen printing using flat beds and rotary screens. Screen printing is used to decorate fabric – a pattern is painted onto a fine silk screen with resist emulsion. Fabric dye is then squeezed through the screen with a rubber squeegee. Most screen printing today uses either flat beds or rotary screens. Digital printing gives the flexibility to convert a design from computer screen to fabric very quickly. However, digital printing is still expensive and slow.

via BBC – Learning Zone Class Clips – Screen printing – Design and Technology Video.