Wicked Printing Stuff choose Blackline Dip Tanks

The large dip tank is ideal for quickly and easily remove ink and emulsion when used in conjunction with the new one-step cleaners on the market.Blackline’s large dip tank is built of 3/8″ welded polypropylene and holds up to six standard size screens. It ships UPS and comes standard with a screen hold down and a lid to minimize solvent evaporation when the system is not in use. Custom sizes available.Measures 36″ x 10″ x 29″Screen Dip Tank Features 3/8-inch welded polypropylene construction Six standard-size-screen capacity Comes with screen hold down, support rings and lid Spigot for easy draining

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A simple guide to heat curing

Curing your screen printed garment

When you have printed the garment you need to cure the ink otherwise when the garment goes through the wash you will notice that it fades, cracks and in some circumstances disappears altogether. There are some inks that are air dry but popular inks such as plastisol and waterbased inks need to be cured.

Curing is the actual chemical process by which the ink dries and bonds to the shirt fabric.

We are often asked ‘what is the best equipment to cure screen printing textile ink?’ The simple answer is a tunnel dryer however they can be expensive especially when starting off, so what are the options?

Important: Not all textile ink cure at the same time or temperature. Have a look at ‘The Cure’ which looks into ink curing in some detail.

Always check the documentation that comes with your ink and remember that the best test is always a wash test.

What equipment can be used?

Hair dryer

Hair Dryers – they are not hot enough, they will dry a waterbased ink but not cure it – NOT RECOMMENDED



IronIron – Don’t give an even heat and most are not hot enough to cure the ink fully. If you are printing T Shirts for your own use and are not worried about the ink gradually disappearing then an iron is an option – NOT RECOMMENDED

Heat GunHeat Guns – With a lot of patience and skill you could cure the ink but you are likely to scorch the garment so be careful. You can use a heat gun to touch dry the ink (the same job as a flash dryer) prior to printing the next colour – NOT RECOMMENDED (limited use)


Flash dryersFlash Dryers – normally used for touch drying the ink between prints when printing multi colour, it is possible to use a flash dryer to cure the ink but can be time consuming and requires management to ensure the garment does not burn. Works better for plastisol ink than waterbased ink (which requires longer cure).   LIMITED USE FOR LOW PRODUCTION.




Hand CurerHand Curer – can be used for both touch drying the ink between prints when printing multi colour and comes with a timer making use easier. Can also be used for ink curing as the hand curer uses quartz elements which heat immediately and cool immediately making the equipment safer and more energy efficient than a traditional flash dryer. We use hand curers for exhibitions and training sessions. RECOMMENDED FOR LOW PRODUCTION.

Heat PressHeat Presses – are fine for curing low numbers of garments, most modern presses have timers making it easier to manage. Heat Presses are used for lots of different applications such as vinyl transfer so commonly found in most T Shirt printing shops.

When using a heat press to cure screen printing inks you will need to put some grease proof paper or transfer release paper on the ink first before curing. You will need only a very light pressure and you will need to set the timer according to the ink you are using. Can be used for curing screen printing textile inks


Tunnel DryerTunnel Dryers – the best solution to cure large numbers of garments in a short space of time but the most expensive. They can cure potentially hundreds of garments per hour. We make them to all shapes and sizes based on the level of production and the size of garments being used.   If you are printing with waterbased inks choose the longest dryer you can afford to avoid having to put the garment through twice. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Wicked Printing Stuff choose Pottervac Screen Printing Hand Benches

https://i0.wp.com/www.wickedprintingstuff.com/onc_images/product_image/large/1561.jpgHigh quality hand benches – light and easy to use and fitted with an aluminium suction base with a strong vacuum. Adjustable side arms fitted with toggle clamps allow any size frame to be fitted up to the maximum frame size of the master frame. A light and easy to handle one arm with shackle with counter balance makes light work of printing.A range of standard sizes are available, but any size can be made to handle any size print job.Features :- Powerful suction motor Micro adjustable suction base Rear weight counter balance system One arm squeegee unit Front register locking device Single Phase power Each unit can be split for easy access through a standard doorway

The Pottavac MK3 hand operated screen printing machine, ideal for studios and workshops

  • Supplied complete, ready to print.
  • Rugged accurate metal frame finely adjustable for lift off.
  • Space saving proven spring balance action.
  • Powerful and reliable low noise vacuum pump.
  • Ever reliable one arm unit supplied with a Pottagrip aluminium sqeegee.
  • Heavy duty vacuum base, fully adjustable in rigid steel frame.
  • Unobstrusive patent frame clamp and support positionable to accomodate different frame sizes

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