Revolutionary Riso QS200 Designed for the Professional Printer

Looking to get from artwork to print in under 5 minutes

Want to ditch messy emulsions

Fed up with getting exposures wrong

Need super fast turn round for an event, a winners t-shirt before they leave the podium.


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Revolutionary Riso QS200 – typical screen burn times range from 2 – 3 minutes. With no need for chemicals / emulsions or exposure equipment but with excellent registration. Works just like a typical printer. Can create screens up to A2 in size.

Get the perfect screen every time.

No more worries about subdued lightening

Works just like a printer

Super cost effective.

Designed for professional commerical printers or for environments where you need a fast turn around of screens. The QS200 creates screens up to A2 in size with extremely accurate registration allowing for multi colour jobs suitable for both manual and automatic presses.RISO Digital Screen Makers 1

It is extremely fast with screens being created within 3 minutes (A4 size artwork 2 minutes), the QS200 connects directly to your PC or MAC and acts as a conventional printer.  You separate your artwork as per normal however instead of printing the film positive. you print directly to the screen. When completed (normally within 3 minutes)  you are ready to register the screen and start printing giving a huge productivity boost.  No need for emulsion, exposure units and of course no pin holes, no screen filling, no stencil breakdown, and no need for screen reclaiming or restretching.

The biggest revolution in screen printing since polymer screens.

With the QS200 you save time, space but also money as you can do without emulsions, degreasers, exposure units, drying cabinets and copious amounts of brown tape. Imagine the savings!
The QS200 uses a special mesh which is coated with a special heat-sensitive polymer. There are 4 different mesh counts ranging from 32T to 90T so you can use a variety of inks including solvent, Plastisol and water-based.

RISO Digital Screen Makers 2You can either use frames which you can stretch yourself (takes approx 5 minutes, but gives a high tensioned screen) or alternatively you can use conventional frames (up to 50mm profile) or Newman roller screens and stretch the polymer film to the required tension. The film is not re-usable and when you have finished printing you can dispose of it.

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You will wonder how you ever did without it.