How to use glitter inks?

glitterGlitter designs add umph to your designs. Just a couple of things to look out for.

As glitter inks require a coarse mesh so the design should not be too detailed. They are best used for a large, block image rather than small wording. This example is perfect for glitter but a small intricate design would not work as well.

When creating your screen use solvent resistant dual-cure emulsions. You want 15-25T (8-10T metric) monofilament for direct printing and for transfer printing use 25-33T (10-12T metric) monofilament. Your squeegee should be solvent resistant and hard we recommend Wooden Squeegee with D Cut ( V Cut) Blade.  Ideal for textile printing with plastisol ink. D cut blades lay down a heavier deposit of ink.

Plastisol inks will not air dry. They must be heat cured. When fully cured the ink will withstand repeat washings.