Washout Booths

WPS offers a range of Washout Booths to suit your needs. A high quality well designed booth is key in the proper cleaning and preparation of screens. Inks and emulsion can be power washed off the screen and into the sink to help other areas of your shop remain clean.

We sell:

WPS Stainless Steel Premium Washout Booths in a range of sizes, ideal for medium to large printersWPS Standard Galvanized Steel range ideal for small, medium, large businessesand educational customers
Filtration Units

WPS Essential Washout Booth 1M.

Made using galvanised sheet, riveted and sealed with a centre drain in the bottom which can be connected to a standard sink trap.

Inside Measurements 1m x 1m – (39″ x 39″) overall height 1.5m

Optional tap, rack and hose holder

A 25mm x 25mm mesh is placed in the bottom of the tank which can be removed for cleaning.