Blacquer Update – Film Positive Printing

Blacquer Update – Film Positive Printing

Create a decent film positive is key to creating high quality stencils (take a look at our screen exposing guidelines). For the last few years we have been selling Blacquer which is a high density black ink designed for printing film positives using Epson printers.

We are now selling the Blacquer Packages with the Epson ET-14000 printer (replacing the Epson 1500W which is no longer is production), the ET14000 gives a whole host of benefits to the busy screen printer.  Like the 1500W the ET-14000  can print film positives up to A3+  (13 x 19”) and works with both PC and MAC.

The ET-14000 uses the Epson ECO Tank which provides an integrated ultra-high-capacity ink tank system. This completely does away with the need for ink cartridges which can be messy to refill and not always that reliable. The ET-14000 features two black ink tanks, meaning you can print even more film positives with less fuss, less mess and bother.

The ET-14000 using Blacquer ink will save you time (and money) allowing you to focus on producing high quality film positives. The printer is high resolution – up to 5,760 x 1,440 dpi.

The package is shipped with 500ml of ink (the tanks hold up to 350ml) and are refilled using the supplied syringes. The package also comes with some cleaning solution which is used for cleaning syringes; do not put the cleaning solution in the ink tanks.

You don’t need a third party RIP (Raster Image Processor), you can use the standard Epson software. Please remember to set the colour of the artwork in the software package (e.g. Illustrator, Corel etc) to black for the best output results. If you select a light grey the printer will attempt to apply a light grey.

If you are an existing Blacquer user with an Epson 1500W don’t worry we still sell the cartridges and ink as before.  Do think about upgrading to an ET-14000 it will save you a lot of time and hassle.