Screen Printing Wedding Stationary – Happy Valentines

Are you proposing today?

Looking to theme your wedding stationary?

Calling all Romeo and Juliet screen printers?


You could make all our own unique wedding stationary invites, menu card, service sheets, favours, place cards, thank you notes. Get creative or use clip art to find templates you can use for free


If you want to try Wicked Printing Stuff have all the equipment you need.

For the hobbyist

Use one of our Foundation kits  and for under £100 you would everything you need including the inks with simple instructions. The WPS Foundation So Easy Screen Printing Kit is ideal for the beginner looking to produce simple designs without the need to expose their screen. The kit includes the screen printing basics, perfect for those one off designs and for people testing whether screen printing is for them. For a guide to using this kit download it here. Its a creative and fun thing to do, with no harsh chemicals and they can be printed anywhere.

For the intermediate screen printing user

If you already have a screen printing set up these inks are great to use or these both are  suitable for printing on paper and both available in small quantities and lots of fabulous colours. They are solvent free and don’t need any chemicals to clean up.

For the professional printer.

If you already have a carousel but fancy doing some paper goods on a more professional scale you could order a vacuum board:  Vacuum Board Very easy and simple to use with most carousels and a hoover, it is a great piece of kit.. We have produced some excellent posters and cards with it. Useful when printing more than one colour to hold the paper in place.