Wicked Printing Stuff choose Pottervac Screen Printing Hand Benches

https://i0.wp.com/www.wickedprintingstuff.com/onc_images/product_image/large/1561.jpgHigh quality hand benches – light and easy to use and fitted with an aluminium suction base with a strong vacuum. Adjustable side arms fitted with toggle clamps allow any size frame to be fitted up to the maximum frame size of the master frame. A light and easy to handle one arm with shackle with counter balance makes light work of printing.A range of standard sizes are available, but any size can be made to handle any size print job.Features :- Powerful suction motor Micro adjustable suction base Rear weight counter balance system One arm squeegee unit Front register locking device Single Phase power Each unit can be split for easy access through a standard doorway

The Pottavac MK3 hand operated screen printing machine, ideal for studios and workshops

  • Supplied complete, ready to print.
  • Rugged accurate metal frame finely adjustable for lift off.
  • Space saving proven spring balance action.
  • Powerful and reliable low noise vacuum pump.
  • Ever reliable one arm unit supplied with a Pottagrip aluminium sqeegee.
  • Heavy duty vacuum base, fully adjustable in rigid steel frame.
  • Unobstrusive patent frame clamp and support positionable to accomodate different frame sizes

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