I think we would all agree that creating a screen is the most complicated part of the screen printing service. Getting the exposure right, choosing the right emulsion, drying properly, pin holes, under exposure there are so many areas where you can make an error and your screen is useless.

Art to Screen Exposure Service

There are some great machines around that will take artwork from a computer and produce a screen but these are way too expensive for the hobbyist or small printer. So what do you do?


Use Wicked Printing Stuff ‘art to screen’ exposure service. That is right you need never emulsion another screen. We do these all the time, designers send us their artwork and we send back the perfect screen(s) so you can get printing straight away.


Our Art to Screen ‘screen exposing’ service is for either screens bought from us or those that need to be reclaimed and / or re-stretched. Ideal for people new to printing; do not have access to the equipment or those printers who simply do not have the time. This service means that you never have to turn down a job because of the complexity of exposing your screen. Aluminium frames only.


We can provide the following services:

  • Artwork preparation and separation
  • Screen Reclaiming
  • Screen Restretching
  • Screen Exposing – single and multi colour designs


In order to do this we need to know a few things like:-

  • How big is the design / logo?
  • How many colours are in your design / logo?
  • Is there anything special about the design (e.g. glow in the dark, glitter)
  • Are the designs already available and colour separated?
  • What will you be printing onto: t-shirts / cotton or paper bags / card etc?
  • Where will it be placed on the substrate? E.g. breast / sleeve / full front / back/ middle of bag etc
  • What ink will you be printing with – plastisol / waterbased / solvent based?
  • What type of carousel / press do you use – does it have micro – reg?
  • How quickly do you need your screen?
  • Are there any other important factors we need to know about?


Then think about what service you want from us?


  • Artwork Support – separation, stencil preparation
  • Screen Exposure – preparation and make up of screens
    • WPS provide screen and mesh to your choice and expose
    • You provide screen for reclaiming and exposing
    • You provide screen for remeshing and exposing
    • You provide the screen for exposing only
    • We can arrange collection of the screens and delivery back to your address. Alternatively you can arrange for the screens to be delivered to us and collected.


We can even clean the screens you provide if wanted.

Details of our ‘Art to Screen’ screen printing exposure service are on our website

Try our ‘Art to Screen’ service and never emulsion another screen