Screen Printing Kits

If you are just starting to screen print the range of equipment can be overwhelming. You don’t want to buy the wrong pieces of equipment or have something you can’t upgrade.

We are pleased to sell a wide range of screen printing kits at fantastic prices, catering for the beginner who wants to get started right through to our high end Pro range which provides all of the equipment and consumables to start a large printing business.

Our range of kits are the:

Essential Screen Printing Kits – for printers on a limited budget, beginners and people wanting to produce simple designs

Mid Screen Printing Kits – for printers with limited space, a small business, medium throughput but produce multi colour designs

Pro Screen Printing Kits – for printers starting or running a large business, wanting high throughput and printing complex designs

Specialist Screen Printing Kits – for printers using specialist inks and printing onto non textile substrates

Club Screen Printing Kits – for printers who want the basic consumables but have access to equipment at a school, club or college

Within each range the screen printing kits have been categorised into Foundation, Advanced and Ultra. This is designed to make selecting the right kit for you as easy as possible.

Take a look at our extensive range, if you need help choosing the right kit download our comparison tables and give us a call as we are here to help.

check out our range Screen Printing Kits.