Sneak preview of Direct to Screen System – FREEStyler

FREEStyler Direct to Screen System


At last an affordable Direct to Screen for small printers

We all like to simplify things and love the idea of Direct to Screen but the costs are out of reach for any but the large commercial printer. Not any more!

We thought we would give you a sneak preview of the new Exile Technologies FREEStyler Direct to Screen System which is being launched at the Printwear and Promotion Live 2016 show in a few weeks’ time. This is a new piece of innovative technology which brings the Direct to Screen capabilities currently only enjoyed by large commercial printers to a wider audience.

Direct to Screen capabilities increase screen production rates, stencil quality, reduced labour therefore reduce costs.

What does it do?

Instead of creating a film positive you put the screen (coated in emulsion and dried) on to the FREEStyler and it prints the artwork directly onto the screen. You then expose and washout the screen as per normal.

It does have some tricks up its sleeve, it comes with some clever devices to aid registration which is especially useful for automatic printers e.g. M & R, MHM etc. But best of all it comes with CADLink RIP and together it can create very high quality stencils, it is extremely accurate with high quality half tone screening and precision dot gain controls to ensure accurate representation of mid-tones, gradients and highlights.

OUR IN-house testing results

We recently tested some emulsions with the FREEStyler and found that the Chromaline CP Tex, Magnacure UDC-HV and CT-R emulsions gave some fantastic results. We used an LED exposure unit to expose the screen which is quick and accurate. Below is a screen shot of one of the screens – the FREEStyler created stencils which would be very challenging using the traditional film positive approach.


The FREEStyler will be available at the end of February. If you need more information please contact us at 01614426555. In the meantime if you would like to see the FREEStyler in action, please see below :-