Wicked Printing Stuff Ltd (WPS) now part of Screen Ink and Solvent Supplies Ltd (SISS)

image003 Screen Ink and Solvent Supplies Ltd (SISS) are pleased to announce that SISS have acquired the assets of Wicked Printing Stuff Ltd (WPS), which is now a subsidiary of the SISS group.


Philip Chong, Managing Director, said “SISS is the largest independent distributor of screen printing supplies in the UK; we are Fuji’s (Sericol) main distributor of all their products, not just textile. The acquisition of WPS will enable us to expand online which is a perfect fit with our existing market.  We shall be offering an excellent service on all products in both a traditional and online manner.”


The acquisition of the WPS assets by SISS marks a new step in the history of WPS, enabling WPS to offer exciting new ranges of products to customers whilst having the support of the SISS operation and expertise. WPS is launching new ranges of inks and consumables starting with the WPS Premium Plastisol Range with inks from Sericol and Magna Colours to follow.

Screen Ink and Solvent Supplies Ltd, SISS is the largest independent supplier to the Screen Trade in the UK with a wide range of inks and consumables. SISS has a network of sales people and technicians that cover the entire UK


SISS was originally set up in 1998 to blend and manufacture its own range of pre-press products i.e. screen cleaners, chemicals and emulsions. In 2005 they purchased Rondec Screen Process and have the Rondec range of industrial screen inks. Their range is complimented by products from other manufacturers. These have been chosen to offer additional customer choice where specific product performance is required. SISS also offer products from: Autotype, Chromaline, Ciba, Magna Colours, FujiFilm Sericol, Folex, Kromex, Marabu, Murakami, Nazdar, Permaset and Rutland/Union.


Wicked Printing Stuff (WPS) is the UK’s largest online supplier of screen printing supplies. WPS provides quality screen printing and garment decoration, supplies, equipment, services and advice. Established in 2008, their customers range from those who do screen printing for a hobby, to educational establishments and larger professional companies. WPS were the first online trading site for screen printers in the UK.