Federation of Screen Printing Associations (FESPA.) an interview with Peter Kiddell


Wicked Printing Stuff is a member of Fespa and director Peter Kiddell  gave us an interview explaining what the organisation does and why screen printers should join. Thanks Peter and we love your most embarassing moment, you should get that picture on a t-shirt!


Original Minutes

Original Minutes

What is FESPA and when was it founded.
The FESPA UK Association was founded in 1934 as The Association of Display Producers and Silk Screen Printers. The term Silk Screen was correct at the time as the mesh was woven natural silk thread. In later years our name changed first to the Screen Printing Association (SPA) and then the Digital and Screen Printing Association (DSPA), next PRISM a mistake! Finally The FESPA UK Association.

FESPA Limited started as the Federation of Screen Printing Associations (FESPA.) It was formed in 1962 by 8 European Screen printing Associations of which one was the SPA. We now have 37 Associations throughout the world who work together in furthering the printing processes. FESPA Limited is owned by the Associations and through its ”Profit for a Purpose” initiative puts money  back into the industry through the Associations.

FESPA Limited organises exhibitions and events globally.

What does it do
The FESPA UK Association supports printers and suppliers to the industry in the UK and has done so for the past 81 years. It has a deep understanding of the market and the processes used in the wide format, industrial, textile and specialist printing industries. It runs networking events, conferences and provides a range of business support specifically for the industry. Screen printing is its core competence with expertise available stretching back 60 years. We have specialists who are recognised industry leading experts who give support to members.

Why should a screen printing company join FESPA
The best investment they would ever make in knowledge provision and support. We know stuff and lots of people, and we understand the market. Members like Wicked Printing are vital in developing the screen printing process. Using the FESPA UK logo and link on their website and communications adds credibility to members.

Our links with Associations throughout the world can be vital in developing a business.

What is FESPA UK’s view of the current UK market
Very positive, work is coming back from overseas. The major suppliers consider the UK as the most vibrant market in Europe. Profit margins are moving back to pre-recession levels.

peter kiddell (Medium)

Peter Kiddell


What do you do at Fespa UK?:
I have a great team of people who between us work our socks off developing services for members, providing technical support (if we don’t know we know somebody who does.)  Liaising with our members, FESPA Limited, and other associations. Currently we are rebuilding our website and enhancing its content for members. Our Textile Printing Now Conference on 6th and 7th of October is well into its planning stage. With more than 40 years in the business I have screwed up many a time but learned from those mistakes. I hope I can help those starting out to avoid the pitfalls.

What is your favourite t-shirt slogan
Just Do It!!

Most embarrassing moment:
When I came across a very scary picture of yours truly in a gold lame thong at Junction 38 on the M1, (Not a pretty sight.) I was on my way to the office, ‘twas a special birthday. I have a vague recollection of the picture being taken by a “friend” at a particularly amusing party.