A sneek preview of Blacquer ink

I am going to get more details about this amazing product but here is a a quick preview. Expect the full product launch any day now

The use of inkjet printers to create screen positives is not a new idea. We have all been using this technique for a number of years. However, at Blacquer from  we have developed an ink to specifically target this area. At Blacquer we were looking at various printing technique and one thing that struck us was how many small and medium size screen printers are using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) inkjet inks to print film output for screen positive print production.
We have all read the press in recent years about how much OEM inkjet ink costs in articles like this
We decided that there was a gap in the market to create an ink which is directly targeted towards the production of screen positives rather than use an OEM ink to fit around the job. The idea was also that the ink we produce would be available in bulk bottles, so the cost of the ink is dramatically reduced when compared to OEM products.
At Blacquer we have produced a pigment based black ink which has been designed to maximise the blocking of the UV light which is used to initiate the reaction of the screen emulsion. The black pigments we use are the highest quality available on the market and designed specifically for inkjet applications. We have a vast knowledge of how to produce inkjet inks and have used this expertise along with the highest grade raw materials to produce an easy to use product producing spectacular results.
The inks have been designed to work through Epson print engines. We will be developing inks for other printers in the near future, but one step at a time! One of the starting models we recommend costs less than £250, so it is not a large investment if you do not already have a printer in house suitable for this application.
We initially sell the ink in cartridges, but these cartridges are refillable by hand. Therefore, you are paying a reasonable amount for the ink (unlike with OEM cartridges). We have calculated that the cost of ink on an output film with Blacquer ink is around 8 times less than using OEM ink! Think how much this can save over the year.
We are very happy to partner up with Wicked Printing Stuff and proud to have them representing Blacquer ink. We feel the support and knowledge they pass on to their customers is exactly what we need from a partner with this product.