Introducing Action Illustrated

01            Action Illustrated is your reliable source for the most effective digital art available in our corner of the galaxy. We specialise in high quality vector graphics and editing software that allow you to take your designs to the next level. With our system, you can easily design production-ready artwork within a matter of minutes that gets results and impresses your clients.

We are a USA company that has been running for 14 years and we decided after being so successful in the American market that we wanted to try our hand in the European market and so here we are!

We are based in Germany in a town call Ottersweier in Baden-Württemberg, which lies between the Black Forest and The Rheine.

Our collection is the largest in the industry by far with more than 25,000 individual 02pieces of clip art and over 1400 editable templates you can customise and personalise at your leisure.

Our vector graphics can be used for screen printing and that is where Wicked Printing Stuff came along, we met them at a show and bam, a relationship was formed.  Our designs were printed by Pete and his team at shows, to show how great our graphics looked, in both colour and black and white.  We have never looked back.

Our graphics can also be used in sublimation, Direct to Garment, engraving and embroidery as well.


We also designed an advanced plug-in for CorelDraw x 4 and above called Instant Designer, which is a user-friendly editing software, which has the following options:

06A template browser, which allows you to easily search through all the Action Illustrated artwork volumes by keyword in CorelDraw.

A template editor, which includes a text editor that changes the text while maintaining the curves and outlines and you are able to change the font.
It also allows you to change the template artwork, while keeping the size and placement and add additional artwork.
Last but not least it allows you to manager the colour separation/colour reduction in your template, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

It has 203 Product blanks for you to show your customer what the finished image looks like on a T-shirt, baseball hat, bag, sweat shirts etc.

We also cater for the embroidery market with the Action Embroidery Library 1, which has 5000 digitalised images in .OFM and .DST format and includes the Melco Sizer software for scaling and colouring files and printable .PDF’s to create your own catalogue.




So if you think that our product is too good to be true, just take a look at some of the designs that one of my customer has done with our vector graphics.

All Images are taken from
Elements of Styles Volumes 1 -4 and
recreated by Simon Garrett from Surefire Print.

So come and take advantage of our vector files which you can edit at will and scale to suit your specific platform. You can turn to our database at any time, find what you need, tailor it and set sail for Success Island. Don’t settle for generic when the outstanding is within reach!

Contact us for an online Demo or more additional information!

Contact:     Michelle Headley
Tel:     +49 (0) 7223 2815 560